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Cowgirl wannabe…

September 17, 2013


IMG_6232Zu beschäftigt mit dem Studium ist die Zeit des Bloggens viel zu kurz gekommen, aber jetzt bin ich wieder voll dabei – schliesslich gibt es eine Menge zu berichten!!! Ihr erinnert Euch noch? Neulichst waren wir in Dallas, TX. Auch wenn ich die meiste Zeit im Hotel verbracht habe und mit den Aufgaben für mein Studium beschäftigt war, hab ich es dennoch auf die Southfork Ranch geschafft und wie es sich gehört, hab ich auch ein paar ordentliche Cowboy Boots erstanden. Meine Recherche ergab, dass Cavender’s Boot City “the place to go” ist. Also sind wir dorthin und mein Ziel war es innerhalb einer Stunde ein paar Boots zu finden, natürlich Made in USA – war gar nicht so einfach war – was fuer ein Mekka!!!

Too busy with my studies I haven’t had time for blogging but now I am back – there is a lot to share!!! You still remember? We have been in Dallas, TX a while a go and although I had to spend most of my time in the hotel keeping up with my assignments (I can tell four courses at once – that keeps you busy…) but we made it to the Southfork Ranch. What do people, mostly Europeans, think when they think of Texas? Cowboys, Ranches, Meat etc… So before moving back to Europe of course I wanted to get a proper pair of cowboy boots! The conclusion of my research was that Cavander’s Boot City seems to be the place to go to. So off we were and spent some time to explore this fantastic place – I loved the smell of leather and my ultimate goal was to find a pair of boots within an hour – not so easy I can tell – and of course the boots should be made in the US (ok ok El Paso is close to the Mexican border but still they were made in the US).

IMG_6071 IMG_6059 IMG_6047 IMG_6067 IMG_6027 IMG_6029 IMG_6036 IMG_6040 IMG_6041 IMG_6045 IMG_6046 IMG_6050 IMG_6054 IMG_6058 IMG_6060 IMG_6062 IMG_6064 IMG_6070

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Summer in the city

July 17, 2013


I have been here before but this time I enjoyed if even more.
San Diego is a great city for hanging out, walking the city, good places too eat (I am not talking about all this touristy stuff) and especially with the start of Comic Con you can find lots of crazy people.
While most people think it is hot in California, actually it is not too warm, just perfect and luckily not humid as we usually experience in New Hampshire during summer time.
The only thing that was a little hassle was changing hotels. Not on purpose but as a result of awful chemical smelling towels, cold shower and large group of teenagers partying all night long at the pool. The Courtyard Marriott people were great to let if go without any extra fee for early leaving, so for that they definitely get an extra plus point. For less money a night we made it up the ladder as we checked in at The US Grant, downtown San Diego. What a great hotel! Nice staff, well maintained and overall provides a great “welcome home” feeling.




















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Sommerzeit – Erdbeerzeit | summer time – strawberry time

June 19, 2013


IMG_5374Gestern habe ich erst mit einer Nachbarin geschnackt über Erdbeeren und dass jetzt die Saison losgeht. Sie meinte bei Barrett Hill Farm gibt’s die Besten und die Saison hat am Sonntag bekonnen. Also haben wir heute morgen die Gelegenheit genutzt und sind mit vielen anderen in die Erbeerfelder eingestiegen. Nach 30min hatten wir 2x 10lb (was ungefaehr 7-8kg) Erdbeeren zusammen. Lecker, kann ich nur sagen und es ist ein tolles Gefühl, wenn man die Erdbeeren essen kann die man selbst gepflückt hat.

I talked to a neighbor yesterday and she told met that the u-pick strawberry season just has started. Barrett Hill Farm in Greenville NH is a great place to go. So this morning we decided to do a little tour to the farm in order to pick or own strawberries. Of course other people, especially mom’s with their little one’s also took advantage of this great opportunity – from farm to table, yumm. After 30 min we had picked about 2x 10lb. They look so perfect and they taste so delicious. It is a great feeling to eat strawberries or food in general that you have harvested yourself.

IMG_5378 IMG_5376 IMG_5375  IMG_5370 IMG_5369 IMG_5364 IMG_5361 IMG_5358 IMG_5356 IMG_5351  IMG_5348 IMG_5347 IMG_5345 IMG_5354 IMG_5344 IMG_5343 IMG_5342 IMG_5341


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