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Future Implications | my final social media marketing class post

June 10, 2013



Ha, I still remember the early days of Internet. I was used to go to the library when doing research for my studies and “all of a sudden” my research should enjoy great improvement by utilizing search engines finding results to what I was looking for. Oh yes, it became so convenient and today, many years later, one can not imagine how challenging it was reading tons of books to find the information needed; today you have “big data” available. But for one thing it was really good: hanging out in the reading room chatting with people face-to-face and sharing information and building relationships.

Today also in the work environment, but currently being back at school for working towards a MBA, one faces another situation. Relationship building today also means being active throughout social networks. Whether a business or a student seeking for a job one has to have a social media strategy in place to identify the people one wants to connect with, people one wants to be found by and being visible in the social media world at all.

The permanently changing environment, especially the social media world, shows certain implications on businesses but also on people like me. I am European and it is known that Europe is far behind the US and also UK in terms of social media utilization and thus lots of European companies have to understand the importance and power of social media. There is a change noticeable. A CEO nowadays consider using social media much more than, for instance, 2 years back when I moved to the US. The other day I talked to the new CEO of my company, which is European based with global reach, and I was really enthusiastic about implementing a social media strategy. Hmm, what do you think his reaction was? Still conservative approach with focus on traditional marketing but there was some light at the end of the tunnel. A twitter and Facebook account will be implemented but we have to also focus on social media compliance. In Forbes I read that in 2013 brands and business will have to monitor and engage in an expanding ecosystem of social networks. When I left the meeting I was wondering about the following: Is it the difference between Europe and the US that the CEO was not as enthusiastic as I was? Is it the human factor that comes into play? The demand for information available all the time is increasing tremendously and also the need to connect with people across the globe and also with people/businesses one likes, adores etc. shows great increase. In 2011 HBR surveyed about 2,000 companies and found that 79% use or plan to use social media. With the CEO’s agreement the European company at least takes a step in the right direction. The business may add new social technologies, institutionalize social practices and also use analytical tools to measure the real ROI on their social investment.

I also noticed the other day, that when talking to a friend about something in particular, my smartphone was on hand so quickly just to do a research. A couple of years back I would have waited until I am home to do my research. Everything has to be available now, transparent, whether connecting with someone through social media networks or just checking a website. We have become impatient, an implication of the development of Internet, social media and the availability of both everywhere at any time. For me, living far away from friends and family, social media is great as it keeps us connected. Globalization has helped people moving places and opening their view for other people/businesses across the globe. The social media landscape has noticed this and new tools and applications pop up like mushrooms to satisfy people’s increasing demand for being social not only on a face-to-face level.

I could ask what caused what and I will end up with what was first: hen or egg question but one thing is for sure: the social media changes and implications caused are based on changes of human behavior and technology development. One without the other would have not resulted in the existing social media landscape.

Savitz, E. (December 11, 2012). 5 Ways Social Media Will Change The Way You Work in 2013. Forbes. Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/sites/ciocentral/2012/12/11/5-ways-social-media-will-change-the-way-you-work-in-2013/

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Viral Marketing Initiatives | He makes me smile

June 2, 2013


Do you know that, you see something funny, entertaining with great content on YouTube and you think: Oh that’s cool I wanna share this with people I know through my various social networks! Once posted I know lots of my friends will also like it and there is a high chance that they will share this link as well. All of a sudden it creates a domino or snowball effect – in the social media world it is called “go viral”. For businesses this type of marketing is great to spread a message, not in the typical way to push a message with a product or service promote, no, it’s rather telling a story that engages people.


But what is it that make campaigns and stories go viral? The easiness of distribution – as I said most people share by using social networks to serve as the distribution channel – widgets, RSS feed or the famous comment section foster the easiness of distribution; a good message – make people think about the object of a campaign rather than having the product displayed all the time. I, especially, liked the T-Mobile viral campaigns. Funny to watch the people doing karaoke at Trafalgar Square – not that I am a big fan of T-Mobile but I thought for a European company this is a great initiative and video. Having singer Pink for the celeb factor is another bonus that incorporates with the company’s image: pink.

But of course like planting flowers and vegetables, it all starts with a seed and you hope that it will mature and grow – same applies for a viral campaign, you need the people interested in sharing what you have provided. I think we all agree that any message create has to be genuine, same I do here – I try to connect with you, dear reader in the way I write about this topic. So what do you think? By raising this question I am asking for some action, I want you to comment (and I hope you will do so).

A video that has spread like a virus was last year’s marriage proposal by Isaac Lamb. I didn’t know that he’s an actor residing in Portland, OR, but when I saw the video (of course through a link at one of my Facebook friend’s timeline) I thought: that’s a great proposal and the whole set up was very professionally arranged. While I think a proposal should be something private in this case I am really glad that this video was uploaded and shared among lots of people. I wouldn’t say it was Isaac’s attempt to become famous rather than creating a unique way to ask his loved one to marry him. Bruno Mars, the singer of the “will you marry me” surely got some additional boost through this video but he may also have regretted that it was not his idea. However, two-camera positioning, cheering, singing and dancing family members and friends and a smiling Isaac at the end made this video very unique with a great message and definitely worth going viral. I wonder whether requests for unique and special marriage proposals have increased since then. If not Isaac at least the wedding industry has benefited from it.

In general, this is also my attempt to use widgets (social widgets such as Facebook, Twitter) and plugins to enable sharing. So far I haven’t added a video to my blog – may be I should start doing so – by not taking oneself too seriously.


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Hallo nochmal….| Hello again

March 20, 2013

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IMG_0042Im Januar 2012 habe ich angefangen einen Blog zu basteln um diesen bis zum heutigen Tag kontinuierlich mit wertvollem Inhalt zu füttern. Am Anfang recht holprig aber mit der Zeit wurde es immer flüssiger, die Themen aber auch mein Schreibstil. Frei von der Leber weg die Dinge berichten, die man so erlebt wenn man eine neue Kultur erlebt. Auch nach 1.5 Jahren in den USA muss ich sagen, dass es sich gelohnt hat was Neues zu wagen. Zumindest persönlich als auch sprachlich ist man gereift und nichts ist schöner als wenn man in der Lage ist über den Tellerrand hinauszuschauen.

Als Ehefrau gestartet, mit einem tollen Job in Deutschland, bin ich 2011 meinem Mann gefolgt. Es gibt die, die sich nach einer Auszeit sehnen und sofort wissen was sie mit der freien Zeit anfangen, aber auch die, die erstmal ins Loch fallen und sich fragen: was nun? Ich gehörte zur zweiten Kategorie. Der Winter vor der Tür, nichts wirklich zu schaffen und die Jobaussichten im Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten in Zeiten einer schwachen Wirtschaft…Naja, reden wir nicht drüber. Aber der Frühling kam und meine Gedanken fingen an zu kreisen. Was soll ich sagen, dank meines Mannes und dem Willen nochmal das Hirn anzustrengen um was Neues irgendwann zu wagen, bin ich im Juni 2012 wieder unter die Studenten gegangen. Ich kann Euch sagen, mit Mitte 30 wieder die Schulbank zu drücken, das ist echt eine Herausforderung. Besonders in einer Fremdsprache, da muss man das Lernen wieder lernen. Aber so wurschtel ich mich durch von Kurs zu Kurs um hoffentlich im Frühling 2014 mein MBA (Master Business Administration) in Social Media Marketing in den Händen zu halten. Das positive an einem Online Studium ist, dass man sich die Zeit frei einteilen kann und ich somit weiter die Möglichkeit habe neben dem Studium die Welt zu erkunden. Meine Travel posts zeigen, dass wir viel unterwegs sind. Aber wenn nicht jetzt, wann dann? Und somit wünsche ich Euch weiterhin viel Freude meine mykatjesworld Erlebnisse mit mir zu teilen und ich freu mich natürlich auch, wenn ihr mich weiterempfehlt. Bis bald mal irgendwo, Eure mykatjesworld

DSC_1766 Started in January 2012, and till today fed with meaningful content.  Ob boy, at the beginning it was more stumbling over my feet rather producing well-written posts. Especially in a foreign language it becomes challenging to find a personal style one is used to in one’s mother tongue. But well, I found a way (Hereby I excuse to all native English speakers for my (sometimes) weird word order and also usage of words at all) to write about a new culture I am delighted to experience. Also after 1.5 years in the US I have to say that it was worth to take on the challenge to try something new. At least from a personal but also language perspective I grew a lot and it always makes me happy to look over my own plate.

With a great job back in Germany, in 2011 I decided to follow my husband to the US. You know, there are people seeking for a sabbatical or break and they immediately know what to do with the amount of leisure time available. But there are also people like me who fall in a deep whole and don’t know what to do with their time from the very beginning. I don’t have to point out that I cried a river at that time, the winter ahead of us, nothing really to take care about (I am not talking about doing laundry or cooking dinner) and in times of economic challenges job opportunities weren’t available at all. But when spring came along I started to think about my opportunities I have while I am here. And yes, thanks to my hubby and the will to challenge my brain again I started something new. Since June 2012 I am back to school. Being a student in one’s mid thirties feels weird and it is a challenge, especially to study in a foreign language and also again to learn how to study. But since then I work from one course to the other and hopefully next spring (2014) I will finish with a MBA in Social Media Marketing, yeah!!!  The absolute positive about an online program is that one can have access whenever and wherever. This provides me the opportunity to travel while I have to work on assignments. As you can see on the number of posts tagged with travel – I travel a lot. If not now, then when?

So I hope you will further enjoy and also share my reviews of my daily and overall adventures in the land of opportunities. Hope to see you somewhere, yours mykatjesworld

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