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Summer in the city

July 17, 2013


I have been here before but this time I enjoyed if even more.
San Diego is a great city for hanging out, walking the city, good places too eat (I am not talking about all this touristy stuff) and especially with the start of Comic Con you can find lots of crazy people.
While most people think it is hot in California, actually it is not too warm, just perfect and luckily not humid as we usually experience in New Hampshire during summer time.
The only thing that was a little hassle was changing hotels. Not on purpose but as a result of awful chemical smelling towels, cold shower and large group of teenagers partying all night long at the pool. The Courtyard Marriott people were great to let if go without any extra fee for early leaving, so for that they definitely get an extra plus point. For less money a night we made it up the ladder as we checked in at The US Grant, downtown San Diego. What a great hotel! Nice staff, well maintained and overall provides a great “welcome home” feeling.




















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Hash House A Go Go

July 14, 2013

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It doesn’t need further comments except for the fact that it is a great place for breakfast in San Diego!!!









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Städtereisen | city trips

March 6, 2012


Liebe Freunde, eigentlich (ja ja immer dieses Wort “eigentlich”) wollte ich ja diesen Blog nutzen um Euch auch von meinen Städtetrips zu erzaehlen – wo war ich, was habe ich gemacht, was ist sehenswert…Nun bin ich ja doch schon ein wenig rumgekommen und hab immernoch nix gepostet. Das soll sich hiermit ändern :-).

Dear friends, actually I wanted to use this blog to tell you also about my city trips – where was I, what have I done, what is worth seeing … but now I’m already ‘ve been around a bit and still nothing posted. That should change hereby :-).

Seit 6 Monaten bin ich hier und wie Ihr seht, habe ich schon “relativ” viel gesehen. Dazu muss man sagen, dass wenn man reist, man doch so einige Meilen zu überwinden hat. Von der Ostkueste zur Westküste sind es mal locker 6 Stunden Flug. Wenn man Glück hat, dann hat man einen Direktflug ansonsten doch gern auch mit Stopover in New York oder Washington.

Also wo hat es mich schon hinverschlagen: Im Dezember 2011 in Portland, Oregon. Super Stadt!!!! Wettertechnisch so wie in Hamburg also absolut ein Ort zum wohlfühlen. San Diego, California im Januar 2012 – für mich gewöhnungsbedürftig, da doch so ganz anders. Februar 2012 in Montreal, Quebec – lecker Essen, französich angehaucht – und ansonsten ausgiebige Erkundungstouren in New England, Boston und das kommende Wochenende in NYC. Die Leute hier sagen: NYC ist nicht die USA – dem würde ich ohne weiteres absolut zustimmen. Und somit seid gespannt auf meine detailierten Städtetrip-Berichte.

For 6 months I’m here and as you see, I’ve been “relatively” seen a lot. It must be said that when one travels you have to travel quite a few miles. From the east coast to west coast is about 6hrs flight. If you are lucky, then you have a direct flight but otherwise a stopover in New York or Washington.

So which places I have been so far: December 2011 Portland, Oregon. Love that city!! Weather is like in Hamburg, so I absolutely felt kind of being home… San Diego, California January 2012 – different lifestyle and I had to get used to it. February 2012 in Montreal, Quebec – yummy food – french style, and of course extensive “exploration” of New England, Boston and the upcoming weekend in NYC. The people here say: NYC is not the U.S. – which I would agree completely.

And so stay tuned for my detailed city trip reports.

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