Und die Karawane zieht weiter | Moving back to Germany

September 23, 2013

Fun, Living

Wer hätte gedacht, dass zwei Jahre so schnell vorbei ziehen können. Gefuehlt hat man gerade die Koffer erst ausgepackt, da heisst es schon wieder packen…Jeder, der im Ausland gewohnt hat, kennt das: es dauert eine Weile bis man sich aklimatisiert hat und es dauert ca. ein Jahr bis man sagt, man ist angekommen. Es war eine grossartige Zeit! Ich denke mein blog spricht für sich und die Zeit, die wir hier hatten.

Wow, time flew by so quickly. Two years have gone by so quickly and it still feels that we have just unpacked our suitcases but now it is time to move on…Everybody, who has lived abroad knows it: it takes some time, I would say at least a year, to overcome the cultural shock, get established and used to the new surroundings. After one year one can say: I am living here and now and it’s great to be here. It has been a great time, no doubt about it! And also my blog speaks for itself and the time we had. Thanks America and thanks to all the people we came across who always were curios and welcoming to a European couple.

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4 Comments on “Und die Karawane zieht weiter | Moving back to Germany”

  1. Elin Says:

    Come back soon! :-)


  2. Michael W Says:

    You have so much stuffffff!! hehe…ok that’s what J always says to me.

    I hope you will come back soon and stay in our newly expanded lakeside villa. We’ll miss you.


  3. ak Says:

    I’m really glad you came to enjoy living in the US and that you met some nice Americans that you equally got to know and appreciate!


  4. Jos Says:

    Poor mini, she must be seasick by now!


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