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Do you remember this quote: Being married to J.R. is like a Hitchcock movie…

August 2, 2013


…You start out laughing but soon find yourself screaming in terror.

Who did not hang on the lips of Sue Ellen and J.R. in the 80s? Especially when you grew up in East Germany the series Dallas was a small window which one considered as the free world.

So once we had the chance to go to Dallas, TX – what do “boring” tourists do? Of course, they do a trip to the Southfork Ranch to enter the world of J.R. Ewing, Sue Ellen & Co. From Dallas city center about 30min – for Europeans like us impressive to see the flat landscape and the “oversized houses & yards” but ok, they have enough space so why shouldn’t they use it the way they do. 

Once arrived at the Southfork Ranch the first think one notice – ok it has become a tourist place with visitor and huge event center and they sell lots of , sorry but, things one doesn’t really need. However we paid the 13 dollar for the tour – loaded in a trailer for a usually five minute walk. I thought this is hilarious but ok. The tour guide was a young woman, very entertaining and she did a great job in explaining the whole story why the series ended up in Dallas area and was not mainly filmed in Hollywood. There is a little secret to it but I won’t tell otherwise people will see the series from a different perspective (once you know it you do and thus I won’t tell).

The house is smaller than one would think but still it was fun to see and especially on our way back to feel the melting asphalt…

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