Future Implications | my final social media marketing class post

June 10, 2013

Social Media Marketing


Ha, I still remember the early days of Internet. I was used to go to the library when doing research for my studies and “all of a sudden” my research should enjoy great improvement by utilizing search engines finding results to what I was looking for. Oh yes, it became so convenient and today, many years later, one can not imagine how challenging it was reading tons of books to find the information needed; today you have “big data” available. But for one thing it was really good: hanging out in the reading room chatting with people face-to-face and sharing information and building relationships.

Today also in the work environment, but currently being back at school for working towards a MBA, one faces another situation. Relationship building today also means being active throughout social networks. Whether a business or a student seeking for a job one has to have a social media strategy in place to identify the people one wants to connect with, people one wants to be found by and being visible in the social media world at all.

The permanently changing environment, especially the social media world, shows certain implications on businesses but also on people like me. I am European and it is known that Europe is far behind the US and also UK in terms of social media utilization and thus lots of European companies have to understand the importance and power of social media. There is a change noticeable. A CEO nowadays consider using social media much more than, for instance, 2 years back when I moved to the US. The other day I talked to the new CEO of my company, which is European based with global reach, and I was really enthusiastic about implementing a social media strategy. Hmm, what do you think his reaction was? Still conservative approach with focus on traditional marketing but there was some light at the end of the tunnel. A twitter and Facebook account will be implemented but we have to also focus on social media compliance. In Forbes I read that in 2013 brands and business will have to monitor and engage in an expanding ecosystem of social networks. When I left the meeting I was wondering about the following: Is it the difference between Europe and the US that the CEO was not as enthusiastic as I was? Is it the human factor that comes into play? The demand for information available all the time is increasing tremendously and also the need to connect with people across the globe and also with people/businesses one likes, adores etc. shows great increase. In 2011 HBR surveyed about 2,000 companies and found that 79% use or plan to use social media. With the CEO’s agreement the European company at least takes a step in the right direction. The business may add new social technologies, institutionalize social practices and also use analytical tools to measure the real ROI on their social investment.

I also noticed the other day, that when talking to a friend about something in particular, my smartphone was on hand so quickly just to do a research. A couple of years back I would have waited until I am home to do my research. Everything has to be available now, transparent, whether connecting with someone through social media networks or just checking a website. We have become impatient, an implication of the development of Internet, social media and the availability of both everywhere at any time. For me, living far away from friends and family, social media is great as it keeps us connected. Globalization has helped people moving places and opening their view for other people/businesses across the globe. The social media landscape has noticed this and new tools and applications pop up like mushrooms to satisfy people’s increasing demand for being social not only on a face-to-face level.

I could ask what caused what and I will end up with what was first: hen or egg question but one thing is for sure: the social media changes and implications caused are based on changes of human behavior and technology development. One without the other would have not resulted in the existing social media landscape.

Savitz, E. (December 11, 2012). 5 Ways Social Media Will Change The Way You Work in 2013. Forbes. Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/sites/ciocentral/2012/12/11/5-ways-social-media-will-change-the-way-you-work-in-2013/

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4 Comments on “Future Implications | my final social media marketing class post”

  1. Elin Says:

    Interesting and nicely written post Katja! :-)


  2. ianjhughes Says:

    Nice post, you always present an interesting perspective. Though it would be hard to draw larger corollaries, I do wonder if the conservatism and resistance to change evidenced by your European CEO’s risk adverse reaction to social media has any larger implications on the European economy? I don’t believe American corporations’ adoption of social media is solely responsible for the quicker rebound from the Great Recession than that of their European counterparts, but the forward thinking attitude behind that adoption may have played a part.


  3. lsaari14 Says:

    Great post! Social media certainly has made communication easier with friends and colleagues. You hit on a great note that to get a job a person must be active on social media as employers might check out social media profiles before hiring someone. It seems like there still are those companies and CEO that are traditional and don’t want to dig into social media. However I think more and more are seeing the advantages of social media and getting on board. Age does have a lot to do with it though. As a younger target market will encourage companies even more to dive into social media as they know their market is generally active online.


  4. lweedeaton Says:

    Very informative post Katja! I thought that it was a great idea to include the European viewpoints and compare them to the US and UK in terms of social media. Using your smartphone example is one that a lot of people can relate to. In a quick moment it is nice to be able to use your smartphone to find information you may need right then and there. I also agree with you that social media is a great way to say connected with friends and family!


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