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June 2, 2013

Social Media Marketing

Do you know that, you see something funny, entertaining with great content on YouTube and you think: Oh that’s cool I wanna share this with people I know through my various social networks! Once posted I know lots of my friends will also like it and there is a high chance that they will share this link as well. All of a sudden it creates a domino or snowball effect – in the social media world it is called “go viral”. For businesses this type of marketing is great to spread a message, not in the typical way to push a message with a product or service promote, no, it’s rather telling a story that engages people.


But what is it that make campaigns and stories go viral? The easiness of distribution – as I said most people share by using social networks to serve as the distribution channel – widgets, RSS feed or the famous comment section foster the easiness of distribution; a good message – make people think about the object of a campaign rather than having the product displayed all the time. I, especially, liked the T-Mobile viral campaigns. Funny to watch the people doing karaoke at Trafalgar Square – not that I am a big fan of T-Mobile but I thought for a European company this is a great initiative and video. Having singer Pink for the celeb factor is another bonus that incorporates with the company’s image: pink.

But of course like planting flowers and vegetables, it all starts with a seed and you hope that it will mature and grow – same applies for a viral campaign, you need the people interested in sharing what you have provided. I think we all agree that any message create has to be genuine, same I do here – I try to connect with you, dear reader in the way I write about this topic. So what do you think? By raising this question I am asking for some action, I want you to comment (and I hope you will do so).

A video that has spread like a virus was last year’s marriage proposal by Isaac Lamb. I didn’t know that he’s an actor residing in Portland, OR, but when I saw the video (of course through a link at one of my Facebook friend’s timeline) I thought: that’s a great proposal and the whole set up was very professionally arranged. While I think a proposal should be something private in this case I am really glad that this video was uploaded and shared among lots of people. I wouldn’t say it was Isaac’s attempt to become famous rather than creating a unique way to ask his loved one to marry him. Bruno Mars, the singer of the “will you marry me” surely got some additional boost through this video but he may also have regretted that it was not his idea. However, two-camera positioning, cheering, singing and dancing family members and friends and a smiling Isaac at the end made this video very unique with a great message and definitely worth going viral. I wonder whether requests for unique and special marriage proposals have increased since then. If not Isaac at least the wedding industry has benefited from it.

In general, this is also my attempt to use widgets (social widgets such as Facebook, Twitter) and plugins to enable sharing. So far I haven’t added a video to my blog – may be I should start doing so – by not taking oneself too seriously.


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2 Comments on “Viral Marketing Initiatives | He makes me smile”

  1. msdstro Says:

    Good information. Your points are well thought out. I think what makes these viral videos common is the evoke an emotional response and then they become popular because they are easy to share.


  2. Michael W Says:

    Speaking of touching videos, we watched this video earlier today!


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