Hello??? Anybody out there… Recap of a one-year blogging experience | #SNHUMK555

March 3, 2013

Social Media Marketing

DSC06949 The idea to have my own blog came up before we took off to our adventure – the move of all our belongings from Germany to the U.S. to experience a new way of living. My overall idea of this blog was to share a “diary” with people who either know me, such as friends and family, or those who find their way to my blog based on subject title, tags or any other keyword they are looking for their search in the Internet. Yeahhh, most people will think at this moment where something caught their attention and in the same moment we click the link to be directed to the site. Ok, from experience I know that first impression is the most lasting and that means a great subject title and tags will help me to “catch the fish”.

But what next? DSC06950What do I have to do to make people connected and addicted to my blog? Being interested in Art and Design the answer is easy: I need a blog that’s appealing, a design that suits me and I can identify with and people who see it will be able to get an idea who I am. Being me in the way I write my posts and share photos I take people can identify with. Voila and yet another person who (hopefully) wants to hear about my adventures. Sometimes I am like: Oh man it’s hard to begin, feels like a bumpy road I drive on but after a while it becomes like “go with the flow”. The goal is not to write a novel in terms of length but it’s important to write as much as necessary to make it a whole story.

So when I wrote my first blog ever, I was so nervous and excited at the same time as I thought: yes, the design of the blog – This is you! Looking back and also reading my first post I have to laugh…meaningful content to share…well, the first blog was not much content but the beginning of my “blog love story”. Writing a bilingual blog is challenging as sometimes it’s easier to write in one language than the other but like in sports consistency is soooo important to see results*. If you have nothing to say then leave it but also speaking for myself, once registered as follower of a blog I like, I am seeking for new posts desperately. Being a blogger this applies in the same way only the other way around.

DSC06951“Feed your audience” with content they like. Sharing life in a new country, far away from home and also to enjoy and show cultural differences this is what my “industry” is about. One could also see it as my personal travel book, no need to buy LonelyPlanet, Marco Polo or any other mainstream travel guide anymore…

Comments and feedback is always welcome. It’s not like a press release or a magazine where communication is only one-sided. When people provide feedback then it’s the proof that the content wasn’t too boring to leave the site immediately.

Instead, once I shared a picture of a cake I really LOVE!!! And promptly I was asked whether I can provide the receipt for this yummy cake – of course I can. If you don’t share and don’t engage with your readers than you shouldn’t have a blog…

No matter if private or corporate blog the before mentioned “tips” for blogging remain the same. Compared to my blog corporate businesses have to do more coordination behind the scene – coordination of bloggers, CI conformity, communication rules to follow and a clear understanding who’s the targeted audience and how they want to talk to. Linked via other social media channels one can reach a huge audience – with the right content one gets closer to become visible to the targeted audience.

When your reader feels that you do what you like then it’s going to be a good blog.

*Note: for Social Media Marketing tag it’s only in English due to requirements

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8 Comments on “Hello??? Anybody out there… Recap of a one-year blogging experience | #SNHUMK555”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I get the feeling you do what you like….it is a good blog. When reading is easy, there is a connection and a dialogue will follow.


  2. Mayra Ruby Says:

    I really enjoyed your post! Yes I am sure it is very difficult to have a blog for two languages but I am sure it only gets easier. Would you recommend a business to have more than two languages incorporated in their blogs? What do you think?


  3. dpleacoff Says:

    Katja, I love how you incorporated best practice tips within a beautiful narrative describing your personality! I agree with you that when people “stumble” upon a blog it’s because of certain keywords they are looking for. That is why first impressions are so important to keep that user engaged. Great job!


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I love that you found a style and layout for your blog that really suits your personality. It is important to relate to your readers and show your personality when blogging! I also wondered if you are on Pinterest? I think you are exactly the type of person who would love Pinterest because from looking at your bog categories, you seem to enjoy sharing your recipes, travel experiences, fashion findings and just plain fun posts! I would follow you for sure!


    • mykatjesworld Says:

      I discovered Pinterest recently and I only can say: love it! It would be great to incorporate my blog in Pinterest but I haven’t figured out yet how to do it. I am glad you like my blogging style – my English may sometimes sound weird but I take the challenge to do it bilingual. :-)

  5. Alyb820 Says:

    I started my first blog ever for the social media class that we are both in. Starting out, I had no idea what my main topic should be and which type of person I would try to target and gain feedback from. After doing a little research and exploring various blogs, I did notice that the main thing that caught my attention was the design, layout and other features that catch the readers’ attentions like pictures and video clips. I decided that when writing my blogs, I needed to write about my interests as well as customize them with comical pictures and a layout that is easy to read. Looks like we have similar opinions on this matter!



    • mykatjesworld Says:

      Hi Alyson, yes, we definitely have something in common. After one year of blogging I can tell you that it becomes easier about what to write, how to write and to let people know who you are. I am always surprised about the people who find their way to my blog … Of course I wish there are more people :-).

  6. Michael W Says:

    Wunderbar. Your fans adore all your writings!


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