Bodega Bay

December 20, 2012

Living, Travel

Wenn schon, denn schon. Dann muss man auch ans Meer. Sonnenuntergang, Seehunde und Wale inklusive. Diesen Moment kann man nur als perfekt bezeichnen.

When one is so close to the sea one has to enjoy a beautiful sunset including seals and whales…A perfect moment.

DSC_1681 DSC_1683 DSC_1684 DSC_1685 DSC_1686 DSC_1687 NMS_1693 NMS_1695 DSC_1701 DSC_1705 DSC_1706 DSC_1708 DSC_1704 DSC_1713 DSC_1714 DSC_1716 NMS_1717 NMS_1719 NMS_1720 NMS_1721 NMS_1722 NMS_1723 NMS_1724 NMS_1725 NMS_1741 NMS_1742 NMS_1692 DSC_1688 IMG_2440 IMG_2441 IMG_2442 IMG_2445

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